Surfy is a project that has been ruminating for almost 20 years.
The concept of community, conservation, sustainability and surfing coming together in one project is a dream.
Surfy is a not for profit search engine that is completely dependent on the love of its users.
We plan to give 80% surplus ad revenue to clean up ocean plastic. This endeavor creates jobs for people in underdeveloped
countries and does wonders for the environment and marine systems. We are even collaborating with builders that use recycled
plastic blocks to build free homes and schools for communities in need.

Our goal is to connect with the global surf community, be proactive, and do the best we can to make a change.
We now have the tools to fight this crisis from our laptops and devices. It's incredible, we have access to this technology.
Getting it into the right hands and the right hearts is just a matter of time.

The team behind Surfy is probably what you expect. Watermen, surfers, travelers, and outdoor enthusiasts who have a love for the ocean
and a passion to make a change. The founder is a life long surfer, web developer, and perhaps one of the very first digital nomads.
His surf travels introduced him to several environmental and social issues that are plaguing the world.
It took a while, but things finally aligned and the project can be fully developed, maintained, and privately funded as needed.
Surf's up!

Ironically, it took a crisis to fight a crisis.
The coronavirus lockdown of 2020, shut down the world. It closed the beaches and parks. Surf and outdoor adventure were off-limits for all.
As horrible as it was, this time of solitude, self-reflection, personal growth, and copious amounts of free time was necessary to complete Surfy.
It was an incredibly difficult challenge, getting this project to the finish line.
Something good always evolves from hard times. Surfy is one of them and is truly a gift.
Surfy is now complete and is ready to meet the world!

Currently, under review for premium search results and ads,
Surfy is at the mercy of others. That is the nature and beauty of this project.
The world needs Surfy. Surfy needs you. You are Surfy!

Message to all surfers and watermen....
We are the stewards of the ocean. It's up to us to make a change.
Make Surfy your default search engine. Share the links. Spread the word.
Reach out, if you want to do more.
Contact Surfy